About Frances Kweller

Frances KwellerFrances Kweller is an education and testing standards expert and the CEO and founder of Kweller Prep, a specialized high school and college preparatory center that offers customized tutoring, test preparation, mentorship, support and guidance for students predominately in grades 6-12. Kweller started as a tutor for ten years before opening her own office. She graduated from New York University’s Steinhardt School of a Education and Hofstra University School of Law. She is both a practicing attorney and lifelong educator.

As of 2015, Kweller Prep has been certified as a 100% women owned business (WBE Women Business Enterprise) in New York City and New York State. Frances Kweller is also the visionary and founder of the First in Family Fund, which became a certified 501C nonprofit earlier that same year. Although still in its early stages, Frances looks forward to FIFF growing as a scholarship for students when they need it most -in grades 9-12-  years before the college application process actually begins! Stay tuned!  See more at www.FirstinFamilyFund.com