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7th Grade Open House:
Thursday, December 3, 2015 from 6:00 pm -7:30 pm at Baccalaureate HS

Entrance Exam:

Online test registration:
Starting Monday, January 4, 2016

Estimated Exam Date: Saturday, January 24, 2015

Test Format:
The 7th grade admissions test is a 90-minute math and verbal skills test.

Interview Date:
Late-March 2016, if you receive a letter that you passed the multiple choice.

Interview Format:
Applicants will be interviewed by BSGE faculty and students in small groups.

Students in Grade 6 only will take this test for admission for grades 7-12

Please contact us at 1 (800) 631-1757 to schedule interview prep


Christmas Break- Hunter Entrance Exam Crash Course

Saturday, December 26, 2015- Friday, January 1, 2016

8:00 am to 2:00 pm – Please bring lunch

7 days/ 6 hours each day/ 42 Hours Total

Tuition (Queens): $700

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On the day of the test, students should bring with them the following items:

  • Print out of test registration confirmation (received by email after online test registration is completed)
  • Number 2 pencils

All families of students who take the admissions test will receive a letter by the beginning of March notifying them if their child will have an interview. Please note that an invitation to an interview is not an offer of admission.

Notification of the interview will include the time and date the interview will occur (after school in the month of March).

Applicants will be interviewed by BSGE faculty and students in small groups.

If students are granted an interview, on the day of the interview, students should bring the following items:

  • ’15-’16 RECOMMENDATION FORM (School official may also choose to mail or fax to BSGE directly)
  • A copy of the first marking period 6th grade report card (PLEASE do not bring originals)
  • A copy of the final 5th grade report card (PLEASE do not bring originals)
  • Please direct admissions questions to


*Kweller Prep Ranks the Baccalaureate as the TOP Public High School in Queens*

School Ranking: According to U. S. News and World Report’s esteemed annual report, The Baccalaureate School for Global Education (BSGE) ranked as the #35 high school program in the United States and the school in Queens as the #2 International Baccalaureate Program in the United States (December 3, 2009). In 2010, Newsweek magazine ranked BSGE as the #40 public high school in the United States.

Baccalaureate Entrance Exam Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Baccalaureate School for Global Education (BSGE)?


A. The Baccalaureate High School of Queens (“BSGE”) is one of the top schools in New York City, State, and the United States. Founded in 2002, BSGE was awarded the IB certificate in 2005, allowing its students to receive the highest recognized diploma in the world. Applicants to top universities are accepted at a higher rate with an IB Diploma, many on merit-based college scholarships. Many universities also offer academic credit for successful examination results and after receiving an IB Diploma. In fact, many IB Students enter college with college credits.


Q: What kind of school is it?


A: The Baccalaureate School offers a Global Education where almost all students receive an IB (International Baccalaureate) diploma. The Baccalaureate High School is the only public IB school in New York State, providing the prestigious IB diploma, which is accepted anywhere in the world. Please note that another school, called the Brooklyn Latin School, is a Specialized High School, which also offers an IB diploma. However, almost all other IB schools in New York City are highly expensive private schools. The IBO (International Baccalaureate Organization) provides a certificate to schools that qualify to provide courses that are rigorous enough to meet their expectations.


Q: Does everyone get the IB?


A: No, it is a highly prestigious diploma that is only awarded to the most diligent and studious IB candidates who take and pass all the required courses to obtain this special diploma. This means that not every student who graduates from the Baccalaureate High School is awarded an IB diploma.

Q: What is so special about the IB diploma?


A: It is the most prestigious diploma in the world, and it is accepted at any accredited college and/or university in the world. The IB exams offer internationally standardized courses and assessments for students ages 16 to 19. All Students must produce a carefully researched 4,000 word essay and take a Theory of Knowledge College Level course while in high school.


Q: How much does the Baccalaureate High School of Queens Cost?


A: The Baccalaureate High School of Queens is a completely free public school. The only entrance point is via testing followed by a group interview. Entrance points are in the 6th grade and in the 8th grade for 7th and 9th grade admission to the school. Tuition at private International Baccalaureate schools is as much as $40,000 each year, but this particular school is completely free.


Q. What is the date of the Baccalaureate Open House?


A: The open house for current sixth graders (for seventh grade admissions) is scheduled for Tuesday, December 17, 2013.


Q: How many other International Baccalaureate (IB) public schools are there in New York City?


A: There are 6 other IB schools in New York City alone. However, all of these schools are very expensive private schools. Please also note that the Brooklyn Latin School is the only specialized high school in New York City that offers an IB diploma as well. For the BLS, you must take the SHSAT- the specialized high school entrance exam in either October of 8th grade or November of 9th grade.


Q: How many other public (free) IB schools are there?


A: None. BSGE is the only free, public IB school in NYC. The Brooklyn Latin School is also an IB school. But the BLS is a specialized High School and admission to that school can only be attained by taking the Specialized High School Entrance Exam (“SHSAT”), and, obviously, doing well enough to get in.


Q: What is the tuition at BSGE?


A: It is a free public school.

Q: Is there an admissions test to enter BSGE?


A: Yes, there are two steps to be admitted to BSGE. The first requirement is to pass the Placement Exams, which consist of the following: reading comprehension (long reading passages and double passages), language arts (grammar and vocabulary in context), and mathematics (including 7 & 8th grade algebra!).  As of two years ago, there has not been an essay component to the Baccalaureate Entrance Exam.

Q: When can I get into the school?


A: For the entry point at 7th grade, your child must take the test in January of 6th grade. For the second entry point, in the 9th grade, your child must take the test in the 8th grade. Please note that it is easier to get admitted starting 7th grade than starting 9th grade.  At Kweller Prep, we encourage students to apply for 7th grade entry. This way, they are more familiar with the school and their classmates prior to starting high school in the 9th grade.


Q: How many kids get in as 6th graders?


A: From 4,000 test-takers, 150 gain admission.


Q: How about the 9th grade?


A: You must take the test in 8th grade. It is EASIER to get into Baccalaureate as a 6th grader. At Kweller Prep, we encourage 6th grade testing for the Baccalaureate School. The same applies to the Specialized High School by the way, we encourage 8th grade testing, not 9th.

Q: What is on the test?


A: English and Math. Specifically: Reading Comprehension, Logical Reasoning, Language Arts, challenging math questions including some algebra, and geometry.  There is also one page of vocabulary. In the past two years, there has been no essay on the Baccalaureate Entrance Exam. As stated, the test has varied from year to year, but these are the basic components.

Q: How do I practice?


A: At Kweller Prep, we have an excellent course to help students prepare for the entrance exam. It is in a small group setting, up to 8 students. Call us ! 1 (800) 631-1757


Q: What is the Baccalaureate interview like?


A: As of the date of this article, the interview is held in a group setting of approximately six students. All the students who interview have already passed the preliminary multiple choice exam. During the interview, students receive a task and are expected to complete the task in pairs. The Baccalaureate School extensively promotes teamwork and collaboration, which is why this is a group interview. At Kweller Prep, we privately coach kids for the Baccalaureate interview.


Q: What are other requirements that BSGE fulfills?


A: Aside from completing all IB requirements, all students at BSGE are required to take the minimum number of New York State Regents exams. There are a select few who take more and subsequently, are awarded the Advanced Regents Diploma in addition to graduating with an IB.


Q: Where is the Baccalaureate High School of Queens located?


A: It is located at:

34-12 36th Avenue

Astoria, NY 11106

You really can’t miss the school. It is literally the  “box” on the corner of 36th Avenue.

There is metered street parking around the school.


Q: What is the food situation like? 


Right across the street from the Baccalaureate High School, you will see a very good deli which serves delicious hot meals over lunch (I know, I tried!). There are a lot of great ethnic restaurants nearby as well as “quick eats.” The older students can leave for lunch.  There are also a Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts within relative walking distance (but closer to the Frank Sinatra High School for Performing Arts). The upper class (11th and 12th grade students) are able to leave “campus” and go across the street for lunch.


Q: How do you get to the school and what is the surrounding area like?


The school is located on a fairly quiet, 2 way street which offers metered parking.

There are a bunch of local restaurants and snack shops nearby. Don’t expect to see a campus or lush lawns and grass.

Directions to the Baccalaureate High School:


A: By Subway: 7 to Queensboro Plaza; E to Queens Plaza; F to 21st street; M, R to 36th street; N, Q to 36 Avenue-Washington Avenue
Bus: Q101, Q102, Q104, Q66

The School is conveniently located in Long Island City, which is about thirty minutes from midtown Manhattan. There is a tasty deli right across the street with a daily fresh hot and cold lunch buffet and nearly a dozen delicious ethnic restaurants within walking distance.

There are several fabulous schools only walking distance away from the Baccalaureate High School, including the Frank Sinatra High School for the Performing Arts. The Baccalaureate High School itself is in a safe, secured box-like building with a security guard and one main entrance. Upon entering the high school, you will see a list of the various colleges the alumni have gained admission to, a clear testament to the school’s success.


Q: What is so special about the IB diploma?


A: Aside from being the highest globally ranked diploma, IB courses are also transferable as college credits (similar to AP courses). This means you as the parents save money. In fact, students who graduate from Baccalaureate HS typically enter college in their sophomore year. A year of tuition at Columbia University retails at $60,000. Add those saving to 5 years of a free amazing public high school education, and you are doing quite well with the bank.


Q: Is there any preparation for the IB?


A: Yes! Fortunately, BSGE is one of the few schools in the United States that provides pre-IB prep. This program comes directly from the IBO, and it is called the Middle Years Program (MYP). Between the grades of 7-10, students go through a less-intensive IB coursework and start understanding the basics of the IB Diploma program. The MYP program is far more extensive and challenging than the regular New York State requirements.


Q: What are IB courses?


A: IB courses are categorized into two main sections: Higher Level (HL) and Standard Level (SL). There is a third category in Math and Computer Science courses, and that is known as Studies SL.


Q: What is the difference between Higher Level and Standard Level Courses?


A: All HL courses have the same contents of SL courses, plus an estimated 2-4 more topics. However, HL courses go deeper into specific topics than SL courses. HL courses often span from the beginning of 11th grade and go until the end of 12th grade. SL courses span for only one year—they often start at the beginning of 11th grade and end the same year. Additionally, HL courses consist of 240 hours of coursework, whereas SL courses consist of 150 hours.


Q: What is the curriculum of IB schools?


A: Students must take 3 SL and 3 HL classes, each in the subject areas of English, foreign language, mathematics, sciences, history, and an elective subject, along with two years on Theory of Knowledge. They are also required to write 2 research papers on for Theory of Knowledge (on a real-world issue), and a research paper on a school subject of their choice (known as the Extended Essay). Many IB schools (including BSGE) also mandate that students write a minimum of 6-8 research papers by the end of the IB diploma program, aside from the mandatory 2 IB papers.


Q: How are IB courses weighed?


A: The IB has a specific grading system, which consists of a number grade from 1-7, with 7 being the highest possible grade.


Q: How does an IB diploma candidate become an IB diploma recipient?


A: A candidate must take the IB exams at the end of 11th and 12th grade. They must also pass the requirements for the Theory of Knowledge research paper and the Extended Essay. Furthermore, each candidate must complete and register a total of 120 hours of Community Activity Service (CAS) hours. More information can be obtained on the IBO’s website:


Q: How does a student become an IB diploma candidate entering the 11th grade?


A: Based on the academic progress that the student has made throughout the MYP, the college advisor and guidance counselor recommend that a student becomes an IB candidate. If a student does not become an IB candidate, they are still required to take all IB courses. However, they will not have to take the IB exams at the end of 11th and 12th grades.


Q: What are the 7th grade courses offered?


Foreign Language
Physical Education/Yoga


Q: What are the 8th grade courses offered?


Integrated Algebra (Regents Class)
Living Environment (Regents Class)
Foreign Language
Visual Art
Physical Education/Yoga


Q: What are the 9th grade courses offered?


Geometry (Regents Class)
Forensic Science
Foreign Language
Visual Art (Ceramics/Painting)
Physical Education/Yoga


Q: What are the 10th grade courses offered?



Advanced Algebra/Trigonometry (Regents Class)

Chemistry (Regents Class)
Global Studies (Regents Class)
English (Regents Class)
Foreign Language
Visual Arts or Technology
Physical Education/Yoga
Advisory (10th grade Personal Project)


Q: What are the IB Diploma Courses offered (11th and 12th grades)?


IB Math Studies or Math SL
IB Chemistry or Biology (SL or HL)
History of the Americas (HL) – USH Regents in 11th grade
Theory of Knowledge
Language A – English (HL)
Language B – Foreign Language (HL or SL)
Visual Arts (SL or HL)
Information Technology in a Global Society (HL)
Advisory (Extended Essay requirement)
Physical Education/Yoga


Q: What are the AP classes that are offered?


A: None. The school is an IB school, and does not provide any AP classes.


Q: What do students HATE about Baccalaureate HS?


A: No campus, no gym, no physics class, the school is incredibly small. Half the kids leave in grade 8 to attend specialized high schools, very few ivy league acceptances come from this school (except for Taro, who went to Kweller!). This school pushes hard on small liberal arts colleges, not on the Ivies, which is very unattractive to many parents. This school is not known for being a “feeder” into the Ivy Leagues, which is why many attend only until accepted to specialized. Another huge minus is that your child won’t know if he or she actually got the IB diploma until after college applications are in, after graduation has occurred. Another big minus is the grading system of 1 to 7, which confuses many parents and colleges. The SAT scores of this school are below that of specialized high schools, and 11th and 12th grade are extremely stressful because of all the IB candidacy requirements.  


Q: What do students LOVE about Baccalaureate HS?


Graduating class of 58 students. This is a very close knit community. 
High teacher to student ratio
No bullying
Everyone knows each other from every grade
Caring teachers. This is a very demanding school from grade 7- they really make you work!


Baccalaureate Exam Prep | Baccalaureate Test Tutoring | Queens | Manhattan | New York City (NYC)
Baccalaureate Exam Prep | Baccalaureate Test Tutoring | Queens | Manhattan | New York City (NYC)



Note: At Kweller Prep, we rank the Baccalaureate School for Global Education as the top public school in Queens, York High School second (a specialized high school), and Townsend Harris High  as third. Fourth is the Carl Sagan Program at Forest Hills High School, followed by the Academy of Finance and Enterprise (AOFE) in Long Island City as five. Last but not least, we rank Bard High School Early College on our top six list. Bard makes the bottom of our “top” list because so few of the college credits their students work tirelessly for actually transfer to top colleges.


Feel free to contact us at 1(800) 631-1757 for more information! Visit our website at

Sample Email – 2013 PROFILE SHEET the Baccalaureate High School FOR COLLEGES

Subject: CTY Talent Search Registration Information

CEEB code 332903

BSGE does not rank its students due our relatively small senior class size. This year’s graduating class has 63 students. BSGE does not calculate grade point averages. We encourage colleges and universities to evaluate our students based on the Middle Years Program and IB Diploma Program grading scale of 1-7. Grade descriptors are provided with our student transcripts.


The Baccalaureate School for Global Education consists of both a Pre-IB Program (grades 7-10) and a Diploma Program (grades 11-12). The Pre-IB Program prepares students for the Diploma Program and New York State Regents examinations, integrating five areas of interaction: Approaches to Learning, Environment, Community and Service, Health and Social Education and Homo Faber (man/woman the maker). To enhance their academic program, all Pre-IB students are required to perform 100 hours of Community and Service activities. Upon completion of the tenth grade, students must submit a creative personal project, reflecting his/her experience in the Pre-IB Program as well as demonstrating the skills they have acquired in approaches to learning.

Courses (continued): The Diploma Program is an advanced course of study leading to examinations in six academic areas: English, Second Modern Language, Individuals and Societies, Experimental Sciences, Mathematics, and Arts and Technology. The academic content of the Diploma Program ensures that students develop mastery in the great traditions of learning: languages, humanities and the sciences. Participants are assessed by external examinations, student portfolios and evaluated projects. Diploma candidates must also satisfy three special features in their program: the Theory of Knowledge course, 150 hours of Creativity, Action and Service activities and an extended essay of 4000 words.

Percentage of Graduating

Class Admitted to Four Year Colleges/Universities in 2013: 100%

According to U. S. News and World Report’s annual report, The Baccalaureate School for Global Education (BSGE) ranked as the #36 high school program in the United States and the #4 in New York State (2013). The Washington Post ranked BSGE as the 14th most challenging high school program in the Northeast (2013).

Baccalaureate Exam Prep | Baccalaureate Test Tutoring | Forest Hills | Queens | New York City
Baccalaureate Exam Prep | Baccalaureate Test Tutoring | Forest Hills | Queens | New York City


Baccalaureate Exam Prep | Baccalaureate Test Tutoring | Queens | Manhattan | New York City (NYC)


Baccalaureate Exam Prep | Baccalaureate Test Tutoring | Queens | Manhattan | New York City (NYC)

Baccalaureate Exam Prep | Baccalaureate Test Tutoring | Queens | Manhattan | New York City (NYC)


Baccalaureate Exam Prep | Baccalaureate Test Tutoring | Queens | Manhattan | New York City (NYC)
Baccalaureate Exam Prep | Baccalaureate Test Tutoring | Queens | Manhattan | New York City (NYC)
Baccalaureate Exam Prep | Baccalaureate Test Tutoring | Queens | Manhattan | New York City (NYC)
Baccalaureate Exam Prep | Baccalaureate Test Tutoring | Queens | Manhattan | New York City (NYC)
Baccalaureate Exam Prep | Baccalaureate Test Tutoring | Queens | Manhattan | New York City (NYC)

Baccalaureate Exam Prep | Baccalaureate Test Tutoring | Queens | Manhattan | New York City (NYC)

Baccalaureate Exam Prep | Baccalaureate Test Tutoring | Queens | Manhattan | New York City (NYC)