Q & A on the ISEE and the WrAP Test

Note: The ERB is the Parent Company (umbrella). The ERB Company produces the ISEE exam (grades 5 to 12) , the Wrap, the CTP-4, and the ECAA test (K-4). There is a full length practice test on their website, under “What to Expect on the ISEE.”

ERB is the only non-for-profit member organization offering achievement and admissions testing for both public and private schools, grades K-12. ERB gives unique tests with advanced evaluation tactics. For more information about ERB, see:


Q. What is the WrAP test?

A: The Writing Assessment Program is a test offered by ERB designed to analytically give writing feedback. It is administered by schools in order to assess the writing abilities of their students. Rather than holistic scoring, WrAP utilizes a 6-point rubric. This makes it more effective in helping students target exactly which skills they need to work on.


Q. What are the different levels of the WrAP Test?

A: There are five different levels of the WrAP Test that schools can give to their students. They are Elementary (Grades 3-4), Intermediate (Grades 5-6), Middle (Grades 7-8), Secondary (Grades 9-10), and College Preparatory (Grades 11-12).


Q. What do you write about on the WrAP Test?

A: ERB provides a standardized prompt for each WrAP Test. Students write in different grade-appropriate formats as they pass through the different levels of the WrAP Test. The writing formats for the test are as follows: Elementary: Narrative, Intermediate: Informative/Descriptive, Middle: Expository, Secondary: Persuasive, College Preparatory: Critical Thinking.


Q. What are the testing procedures?

Students take the test in two sessions, generally over two consecutive days. The student constructs a draft during the first session and produces a final product during the second.


Q. Who evaluates WrAP tests?

A: Each WrAP exam is evaluated by two writing experts, including accurate evaluations of grammar and writing conventions. ERB provides schools with detailed reports, including means of comparison amongst schools and students.


Q. How are the WrAP tests scored?

Tests are scored based off 6 criteria: overall development, organization, support, sentence structure, word choice, and mechanics.


Q. What is TestWiz?

A: TestWiz is a software tool that complements ERB score reports. It provides supplemental trend reports to help make better decisions about both teaching and learning.


Sample ERB Score Report

yale 107152013

Sample ERB individualized Student Report

yale 107152013_0001