Policies & Procedures

Welcome To Kweller Prep!

Kweller Prep is a learning incubator designed for busy students get them where they want to go.

The program is strict, thorough and effective.

Kweller Prep offers one-on-one, small group, Skype online, and at-home tutoring, advanced test preparation and mentorship. By participating in this program, you agree to the following:



Non-Solicitation of Tutors: By participating in the Kweller Prep Program, you agree to not hire, employ, contract, or retain tutors for private instruction. This extends up to twelve (12) months after discontinuation of tutoring. You cannot share tutor cell phones or emails with friends for private solicitation. Please also be aware the tutors are bound to non-competition agreements as well. We will, if necessary, enforce these agreements. ______ ________

Copyright: No copies of materials used may be shared with competitors (ie: Kaplan, Princeton) or anyone not authorized to use such material. Recording of test prep classes and/or lectures is strictly prohibited as well. _____ _____

Pictures & Video: Kweller Prep takes limited pictures and video of classroom instruction and field trips for the purposes of promoting our educational programs. If you do not wish to have your child in occasional photographs and/or videos, please email us at pictures@KwellerPrep.com at any time. _____

Disruptive Behavior: We expect your child to be on his or her best behavior while with our tutors. If found to be disruptive, please be advised we have a zero-tolerance policy here. We are happy to refer disruptive students to other programs and services, not ours.

Disruptive Parent Behavior: Sometimes, we have parents with unreasonably high expectations or parents who create a hostile and anxiety-inducing environment for our students, mentors and staff. While this is rare, please note, that we will remove a student from our program if we encounter a disruptive parent. It is extremely important during stressful and high-stakes testing times that we maintain a very positive and nurturing environment here. Negativity is not allowed on our premises.

Cancellations: All cancellations require 24-notice via text or email and tutor confirmation that the text or email was received. Parents are students can cancel up to 2 times without penalty. It is very important that only serious, committed students with a high work ethic remain in this program. Regular cancellations will result in termination of our tutoring services. _____ ____

Lesson times:All private lessons are 2-hours each. Please note that if you cancel your scheduled lesson in less than 24-hours, the entire 2 hour session will be billed. ____ ____

Refunds:Kweller Prep is a non-refundable program. In the event of extenuating circumstances, we will issue a credit towards future classes and/or private tutoring lessons. All tutoring programs purchased expired 90 days from the date of purchase. ____ _____

If you have any questions and/or concerns about our policies or procedures, please contact us at 1(800) 631-1757 or email info@Kwellerprep.com

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